Wednesday, July 27, 2022


 NEWS alert:  The Everyday Music Bellingham is changing hands!  I have sold the store and the inventory. Running a store from Portland was no longer manageable for me since my partner in life and the business, Scott Kuzma, passed away in April.  The new owner is Cory Blackwood of Bellingham and I hope for continuing success as a record store in that sweet spot downtown.  Cory will surely put his own stamp on the business in time, including a name change: Ritual Records.  I’m pleased to find someone I can pass the torch to as the Everyday Music empire downsizes.  

An experienced retail manager, Cory has a love of music and appreciates the thrill of finding an original pressing or opening a new record with excitement and care and lowering the needle for the first time (the Ritual!).  I know he will serve Bellingham well. You can still redeem your EM Gift Certificates at Ritual Records for now -  or anytime at the Everyday Music in Portland.  The Times They Are A-Changin’ but change can be exciting.  I’m glad the store is in good hands as I move forward with my life without my smarter half.  Life-changing events are hard but sometimes cannot be avoided.  And for Ritual Records it is just the beginning! So starting August 1 stop by and welcome the new owner and BUY A RECORD!  Thanks for all the good years…Andrea, Jonathan  - you are missed - Rian and all the staff through the years – I appreciate everything you did up there and I will miss having a presence in NW Washington.  


Sarah Hefte

Everyday Music

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