Monday, August 13, 2018

Used Buying Policy Change! R.I.P. VHS & 78s

Hey kids! For those of you who haven't cleaned out the attic yet, well, sorry but we NO LONGER PAY CASH FOR VHS OR 78s.  Times they are a-changin', as you all know. You can drop them off, we'll take 'em and process them (and by "process" that often means "Dumpster"). But we no pay cash anymore.  They had a good run...time to say so long.

We still want your CDs (for now) ! and we'll buy DVDs and Blu-Rays and of course ...your old vinyl.  You may even maybe get some gumball change for your cassettes, depending on title and condition, as always.

Ugh. Nope. Dead format. RIP VHS



Goodbye kids stuff...

You're going to have to get rid of your Bellydance tape somewhere else!

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