Friday, October 14, 2011

Great New Music!- on sale now through 10.24.2011

We've got a ton of new releases on sale through 10.24.2011! So come check them out and pick up some great new titles.

Ryan Adams-Ashes & Fire - $ 13.95 (cd)
Bjork- Biophilia- $14.95(cd), $23.95(2xlp)
Joe Henry- Reverie- $13.95(cd), $15.95(lp)
Radiohead- TKOL RMX 1234567-$11.95(cd)
Rachel Yamagata- Chesapeake- $10.95(cd)
Murs- Love & Rockets Volume 1: The Transformation- $ 8.95 (cd)
Feist- Metals- $12.95(cd), $ 13.95(lp)
DJ Shadow- The Less You Know- $ 11.95(cd)
Talkdemonic- Ruins - $ 11.95(cd), $15.95(lp)
Wilco- The Whole Love- $ 12.95(cd), $ 14.95( deluxe lp)
Mastadon- The Hunter- $ 14.95(cd), $ 17.95(deluxe lp)
Nurses- Dracula- $ 11.95(cd), $ 13.95(lp)
Blitzen Trapper- We Are The Tide- $ 9.95(cd)
Red Hot Chili Pepper- I'm With You- $ 14.95(cd)

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