Friday, April 15, 2011

The Burnside store has been reorganized one more time. We wanted to get more vinyl into the store, so we moved the DVD movies over with rock and pop CDs and moved all the vinyl in with the jazz and classical stuff. We managed to make room for a few thousand more records, including more green tags (bargains). And, we opened the front doors to the original space, so you can enter on the CD side or the vinyl/jazz/classical side; checkout is on both sides as well.

Now, we're in the process of filing and alphabetizing more catalog vinyl and I'm culling through the boxes and boxes of old warehouse vinyl and bringing that into the new space ... with lots of interesting finds, like colored vinyl and promo Prince 12-inches. They're probably gone by now, but there will be more stuff coming the following weeks.

There is more work to be done so be patient and if you ever need help finding something, be sure to ask. Sometimes we can be surly and cranky, but usually we'll do whatever we can to assist you. Thanks.

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