Friday, April 22, 2022



Here is our plan for Saturday's special release event: Records Store Day !!

·         Fill out your wish list from the Record Store Day site. You can get a printable list at or we will have some blank ones for you at the start of the day.  Fill out the titles you’d like to buy– ranked – and we will collect it (starting at the front of the line and filling them in order) and do our best to fill the first 10 most-desired on your list that we have in stock.  To prevent a single customer from hoarding, say all the copies of the Talyor Swift title, we are only allowing ONE copy per RSD title on Saturday for as long as there still people in line.


        However, you can pick & rank MORE than 10 titles, so if the first three things you want, for example, are already sold out, we can go down your list and fill up to 10 items total.

·          PLEASE REMEMBER THESE ARE LIMITED EDITIONS.  We don’t get everything we ordered, we don’t order everything, and we often don’t get the quantities we ordered. 


        Please be patient…we will pick orders in the order they are received, so once you hand in your list we will number it and you are free to browse around the store.  We will call out your name when your order is ready.

•.       Later in the day when there is no longer people in line we will file the RSD product on the sales floor for you to browse… or ask at the counter what we have and we’ll be happy to help you find something.  You can then also buy multiple copies of the same title.  Again, only after there is no more line.



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