Monday, August 17, 2020

Procedures for Record Store Day September 26!

~ RECORD STORE DAY #2 : Saturday September 26~

The SECOND set of releases are coming Sept 26! Our procedure on Aug. 29 worked well so take two!  Here's what we'll be doing again to maintain social distancing and make a safe and fair day for everyone.  Here's the plan:

•All store locations will be open at 11 a.m. For those planning on getting in line: there will be marked areas outside the store to stand 6 feet apart (but you already know how to do this, yes?).  You will wear a mask in line and in the store and use some hand sanitizer when you enter. 

•We ask you print out and bring with you the pdf list of releases from

•Fill out the titles you want, ranked. Hand in your wish list and we will fill the top ten, and ten only, items on your list.  We will pick them in the order you are in yes, first come first serve.

•You can only buy one copy per title.  This is so one person cannot wipe out every copy of the Fleetwood Mac title for example.   You can pick and rank more than ten titles so you have alternates in case your picks are already sold out when we get to your list...but we will only fill TEN.  We feel this gives everyone a shot at getting something they want and makes it more fair for everyone.  If you want to get back in line for more you certainly can.

•If you want something in addition to an RSD title feel free to write it on the list!! If we have it in stock we'll grab it and add to your bag.  For example the new Bob Dylan, The Avett Brothers, Metallica, The Weeknd, Run The Jewels, etc. Check our web site under "more new releases" for a list of recent stuff.

• Once your order has been filled as best we can, we will ask you come in, make your purchase and EXIT.  I know this sucks...we'd like nothing more than to have a store full of people browsing around, but Record Store Day was MADE to attract a crowd and now we have to find a way to prevent that.  

•When the line ebbs we will put ALL THE rest of the RSD releases on the sales floor under the artists' sections and let people stay and browse.  We will still have to CAP the NUMBER of people in the store like usual to maintain social distancing, but we are hoping later in the day it will be manageable.  If you do return later in the day that's great...just be aware of other people outside who may be waiting.  We don't know how this will go so please BE PATIENT 

 Thanks and here's to another great day on Sept. 26~.   For the FULL list go to

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